New Construction – The Home Building Process

When you envision your dream home, do you imagine walking up to your brand new “newlyNew Construction constructed” home; a home that has been customized just for you? When this is the case, a new home construction may be the answer to your dreams.

The advantages of a new home include:

  • New Home Warranty
  • Low Maintenance for Several Years
  • Latest Design
  • Customized to Your Liking
  • Your Home is Built with the Latest Building Materials
  • Energy Star Certified Homes Use 85% or Less Energy

However, many wonder what the process of purchasing a new home consists of. There are a number of stages involved, each of which is equally important.

Stages of New Construction

1.   Foundation Stage

Much work has to be done prior to the foundation pour. Inspections occur throughout the construction process. These inspections, while frustrating to you, might save you countless costs down the road. The work involved in the foundation stage includes:

  • Grading
  • Backfill
  • Compaction
  • Excavation
  • Underground Utilities

 2.   Framing Stage

During the framing stage, you are about to witness an exciting time in the construction of your new home.  Your home will begin to take shape as the interior and exterior walls and stairs are framed. It’s not unusual to see the buyers and their families taking pictures during this stage on the weekends and evenings (need to be safe for you and the workers). Again, inspections are likely at this point.

 3.   Plumbing Installation Stage

We’re about to get down and dirty. The plumbing and electrical contractors will be stepping up to the plate ensuring that your home is ready for the sheetrock contractors to move in. This step is crucial, as once the sheetrock has been installed, nothing short of opening up the wall can be done to correct problems. Once more, we must thank our inspectors.

 4.   Drywall and Insulation Stage

After inspection, your new home is ready for drywall and insulation. Once again, this stage is exciting and fun for the soon-to-be homeowner. What does this step entail? Your contractor will have discussed which insulation would best suit your needs. Drywall will be installed, taped, and textured.  At the end of this stage, it’s easier to imagine what your home will look like as you begin moving in.

Now, we are ready for the fun. The final stage will complete your new home.

 5.   Interior and Exterior Finish Stage

It’s true that we have said that many stages, up to this point, are exciting for the homeowner to behold. At the same time, the most exciting stage in this process is, inarguably, the interior/exterior finish stage. Your new homes electrical is about to be installed, tested, and inspected. You will have chosen your color schemes and will begin to see those amazing colors you have only seen on paper covering your interior and exterior walls. After the final inspection, you are about to move into your brand new home! Congratulations.

How We Can Help

From foundation to turn-key, understanding the process of new home construction will remove many unnecessary worries.  In fact, some have called new home Realtors® priceless. How can we help you in the purchase of a new home in the Phoenix area? We can speak with you about energy saving features, builder reputations, inspections prior to closing, and much more. Just a note; run from any agent who suggests that a final inspection isn’t necessary with a new home. My Phoenix team and I stand ready to help you with your next new home purchase.


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